Bantry Superstars

Sunday saw the second running of the Bantry Superstars Event and you just have to don your hat off to organisers and competitors alike. The event involves a swim in Bantry Bay, a cycle over the hills, a run around hill and shore and climaxes in a kayak race.

That is until the weather intervened. Gales howling in off the Atlantic meant that the kayak element had to be withdrawn, but undeterred by choppy conditions, the event kicked off with a swim. ย The strong winds also meant that the rain and sun battled over most of the afternoon for supremacy, with the sun largely coming out on top to the relief of all.

So some of the images of this event make it seem almost idyllic. Let me be clear, conditions were anything but, so well done to all who took part.

Hopefully you can also enjoy some of the West Cork scenery too.

18 thoughts on “Bantry Superstars

  1. Super series of photos, hats off indeed to all the competitors. Makes me tired just looking at the effort put in by them and yes the scenery is lovely and the onlookers look cold, not my cup of tea, brrrrrrr

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