Along the Canal

With two towpaths running alongside it, the Crinan Canal makes for a perfect walk, the locks providing regular crossing points to switch from one side to another.

The road from Lochgilphead to Crinan runs pretty close to the canal for much of the way too for cheats like us – well time was against us. Here are a couple of stops along the way.

Crinan (3 of 5)
Estuary and Canal


Canal Reflections
Canal Reflections

For more on this famous canal see Crinan Canal, or you could just go and consult Laura (PA Pict) who is currently having fond memories of the parts where she used to live…..

Back to an early morning start tomorrow.




18 thoughts on “Along the Canal

  1. Wonderful photos and in as perfect weather conditions as you can expect to get on the west coast of Scotland. I’m amused that I’m being touted as an expert but would be happy to assist anyone planning on a trip. As I wrote on your post yesterday, I walked the stretch between Lochgilphead (my former home) and Ardrishaig on a very regular basis but the (longer) walk to Crinan along the canal is more picturesque with its views across the Add Estuary to Moine Mhor (the Great Moss) and the ancient hilltop fort at Dunadd. When we left Argyll to emigrate, I knew I would never live somewhere so beautiful ever again.

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      1. I felt more wistful than melancholic. I’m also not rose-tinted as there were definite downsides to living there. However, the aesthetics of the place cannot be surpassed (in my humble opinion, of course).

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      2. I agree with your sentiments – there are positives and negatives to any place and the weight placed on each will vary according to the individual and time……Hope you are enjoying PA. πŸ€

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  2. Beautiful picture and day! Just fyi MM…I’m using the reader now and for some reason I’m not seeing your posts in my reader. I used to use links but it’s too hard for me that way. So if I’m not here you know why. I had to google your wordpress site to find you. 😦

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    1. πŸ˜’ I have had that myself on over sites – it just disappears from the Reader. I did change my themes and reverted back, but that should not have had an impact. Are you still down as “following” me? Annoying to say the least as I use the Reader to catch up on others myself….Thanks for the feedback Laura and hope all is good with yourself. MM πŸ€


      1. Yes it shows as I am following you. Booo on the Reader! I’ve had issues with it too. grr Things are good over here MM, thank you! Hope they for you across the pond.


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