People and Travel

Like so many of you out there, I like to travel and take in the wonders of the world. I have hardly touched the surface of the planet, though been to a good number of countries and continents.

No matter how great the scenery and natural wonders, it is often the people that can really help to make a place, any place. Encounter a few grouches, receive poor surly service and it can start to lead to a bitter taste in the mouth.

Overall I think I have been really lucky with the people I have met on my wanderings, with people featuring strongly in the memory. Here are a few from Kerala.

One of these is an artist from whom I purchased a stone elephant, the coir workers insisted that I should come to the wedding of the man on the left and the two villagers simply wanted their photo being taken (and it was subsequently sent too!). As for the tea picker, a smile to light up the world.

I should now be back from my trip away, but in writing this before I left I wonder who I might meet this time round – apart from the fab Claudia that is….

14 thoughts on “People and Travel

    1. Cheers Rajiv, both are somewhat a bit hotter than my latest destination from where I have just returned – the Isle of Colonsay, Scotland. All showcase nature πŸ€


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