Abandoned farmhouse County Cork, Ireland

Abandoned – Series II

Given there has been quite a bit of positive feedback for the latest Abandoned Series I thought I would put together a mosaic of some of my favourite images from this series.

So many questions from what is left behind.

Love to get your thoughts too.


28 thoughts on “Abandoned – Series II

  1. These scenes feed my obsession for watching the acquisitive tactics of Nature: how we repel her advances for a brief while but in the end her infinite patience always pays off. She moves back in, and little by little the signs of our short intrusion are removed. How long will it be before virtually nothing of that house is left? There is a little creature, a mold, a vetch, a beetle, or a creeping vine to take care of everything here, and given time, they surely will. A wonderful series of images.

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  2. I imagine a young mother had to leave immediately because her husband had threatened her children. She left his suitcase, clothes, favorite food and two cups. She took the children.
    When he returned, he shredded the shower curtain, it was flowered, reminded him of her. He left to try to find her, but never did. She found a safer town in which to raise her children and lived in luxury until she died in her sleep at age 95.
    I love your photographs.

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    1. Thank you mltrautz, there are so many interpretations to be made. As a result of the sympathy card I theorise that an elderly couple lived here and died within a short space of each other. Either there were no children, or they had long since emigrated to New York and beyond. As a result the home simply faded away, at times providing a resting place for a vagabond, but that was it…..

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    1. Willow, as you have seen by the comments of others, the images ask so many questions. So please put your own interpretation into words and be sure to link back to this post and I will also look to reblog your work on my own pages – see my “collaborations” page. Sorry to take so long but been on a remote Scottish Island…πŸ€


  3. Love these. You weren’t too worried about going up to the second floor? The house has been abandoned but is still sturdy, I guess! Gorgeous.

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