A young fern uncoiling, new leaves to the fore

If you go down to the woods today…..part IV

Something magic about the woods this time of year and here are a few more of those gorgeous ferns.

And yes, these are once more from Garryduff on the edge of Cork City, Ireland.

20 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today…..part IV

    1. Thank you Laura, I think it is the correct term, though I am not a botanist, just a simple guy with a love of nature. Personably I like the feature image as it is not the usual tight coil but still has plenty in it. Thanks you for commenting, MM πŸ€

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    1. Not happy that all the widgets have to be at the bottom. Would like search and follow button at the very top, still discreet but don’t have to go hunting. …….. Seems that one has to compromise somewhere. Jury’s out, but I think a switch back is likely.

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