An old bedroom is haunted by the skeleton of an old trunk

Abandoned – Room with a Suitcase

The torn rose curtains, the crockery in the cupboard, the old rusting tin of St Andrew’s liver salts, all helped to provide an air of mystery to this old abandoned farm house. However, it was the room with the suitcase that felt most poignant.

Here on the floor a leather suitcase lay half closed, while alongside it a large empty trunk, now all but a skeleton, stood. It was in this room that inside the cupboard a ‘sympathy‘ card could be found.

Here is that room.

Plenty of history, plenty of thoughts.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

30 thoughts on “Abandoned – Room with a Suitcase

  1. This is so poignant as you say. So many options, someone died? Someone left in a hurry ?but why was there no one to carry on. Did the family line run out or the money or simply the will to go on?

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  2. There’s something about this pictures. I found myself being pulled into them and its powerful connotations runs really deep. I am no photo analyst but I must point out that the cracks on the walls and the suitcase symbolize or rather represent a powerful story which relates to me. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Reblogged this on Idiot Writing and commented:
    Something about this set of photos that tore into me. The accompanying text tells an even more surreal story. The beauty of things gained and things lost – endowed upon me the simple poetry of life in birth and death.
    In it, even though it is not of the place, my heart went to the people of Nepal at this time – and really to all who suffer loss – and how we may gain even in loss, and have loss in gain. There it is again – the duality of the universe. Thank you Sir, for the moment here capturing so much. MAGNIFICENT!


      1. You are welcome John – this really inspired me today – seriously it did. Sheesh – now I cannot recall if it WAS today or yesterday?? (been so busy today!) Got the brain really ticking in a really good direction and it was awesome. So the pleasure is all mine Sir. Take care and take more πŸ˜‰


  4. The last one reminds me of a Van Gogh painting Mick. I started to add “dystopian” but it’s not really, the colors are too warm and happy light through the whimsically canted window frame make the whole thing shabbily charming. Very unique capture and whatever you did in processing works perfectly!

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    1. “Shabbily charming”, that is a great way to put it. There is so much colour in the shot, the multitude of colour in the walls alone. I used in camera HDR and just upped the clarity a bit. Glad you like it and hope your weekend was good Frank. MM πŸ€


  5. With all the detritus of the room nature seems to be reclaiming it back with the youthfull climber scrambling through the window. If those walls could speak! Actually the peeling paint on the walls would make for fantastic textures on their own.


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