The Hound poses on the beach

Hound on the Beach

The Hound was all action this day;  wildfowl were flushed from the edges of the lapping tide before a hare led the Hound on a merry dance around the dunes.

Here he simply pauses for breath, looking over his shoulder to the dunes where  that pesky hare lay hidden, then back out to sea to witness the returning geese.

My what a playground.

17 thoughts on “Hound on the Beach

  1. Oh what a marvellous playground!!! Zeke would have a field day with The Hound! Yesterday he went into the muddy, yucky Stream… He waited till my back was turned!

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      1. IT was funny because as soon as we go to the area, he ran to the edge, looked at me for permission, didn’t get it; ran further, turned again, still didn’t get it (both cases a very high, muddy bank) and then, THEN, when it was more reasonable, he just jumped in and looked at me with such a look of glee… How can I possibly get mad?

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    1. The best way to get most shots of an animal or plant is to be on their level so I guess I do spend a lot of time on my knees. He also makes me fall to my knees crying with laughter at his antics. Such a comic, it only enhances his beauty. Thank you for such kind words Maria, John 🍀


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