Radishes for sale in Wroclaw Market

Wroclaw Market

In visiting a country one place I always like to pop into is the market. Not only does one get a better impression of what the locals produce and buy, it also tends to be brimming full of larger than life characters.

So when in Wroclaw we popped into the main market, a large building on the way to the Cathedral as it happened.

I have to say the fresh fruit and vegetables really did look very fresh and of great quality. No wonder we enjoyed our food so much during our stay.

8 thoughts on “Wroclaw Market

  1. Yes, I’ll join the accolades for Budapest Markets. Not that the layout is so very different; the same over-brimming floor of stalls in brilliant ripe colors, the same gallery or mezzanine around the walls. Wonderful places, wonderful food…

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