Padlocks on Tumski Bridge leading the way to the Cathedral

Tumski Bridge, Wroclaw

Tumski bridge in Wroclaw provides the most obvious way over the River Odra to Cathedral Island. We walked it a few times. It cannot be mistaken for any other bridge in Wroclaw as it is the one suffocated by numerous padlocks.

Allegedly the padlocks were traditionally left by newlyweds. I use the word “traditionally” in a fairly loose sense, as it appears this craze did not start until the first padlock was placed there in 2009. So here are a few shots of the padlock infested bridge and the cathedral beyond.


Tucked onto the end of the gallery were three of the gnome celebrities that stalk the city of Wroclaw. The first being the Gasfitter Gnome that is to be found on Tumski Bridge (one has to look up to find this one) and the couple are “the newly-weds” and are to be found outside the registry office (more on these in another post).

Hope you are all having a great week.


15 thoughts on “Tumski Bridge, Wroclaw

  1. Suffocating is the right word. This craze has also caught on in Malaysia, and when I actually saw a similar bridge like this in Penang, from afar, I thought, that is one helluva rusty bridge. Then as I walked closer to the bridge, I realised the “rust” was padlocks! Hahaha…

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  2. I’ve seen a similar bridge recently, here in the US. Why anyone would want to “lock in” their love like this and make a jail out of their relationship is beyond me. Any healthy relationship needs freedom, the freedom to be oneself as an individual, besides being a partner in the relationship.

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    1. Some love ’em others hate them. I don’t like the gnomes one tends to find in gardens, but these fellas I found quite quirky and interesting. Enjoy your weekend. MM πŸ€


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