A lone croe stand on a barn roof,standing out against the azure sky.

The Crow Barn

I had passed this barn previously in foul weather and loved the huge slates on the roof. A pity they are gradually descending to the earth.

From each of the many dark holes in the roof a crow would rise, lazily flapping its wings and producing its harsh rasping cry.

I just love old buildings like this and it is such a shame to see them fall into disrepair. The history of it all.

16 thoughts on “The Crow Barn

  1. Crows are highly intelligent, so this home must be unique and safe too, they know where to nest where it’s safe.
    Great pics!


      1. I have a difficult time continuing blogging, when I write about positive things, I remember all the ones who suffer and I start thinking that I am not doing good but them, but I don’t want to be always writing about suffering either, so I keep leaving WordPress and stop following all blogs because I keep thinking that social networking is not for me, however, I’m a natural born poet so I keep trying again at this social networking blogging.

        I hope to stick around this time, I know it’s frustrating and confusing for people, however, social networking is just not my style, I’m thinking of going with dot com and hire a person to create a template for me that does not tie in to likes, etc. I just want to write poetry and that might be the way to go.

        I apologize for coming and going, I do love your blog, you’re very talented, it’s just that I leave all blogs when I decide to stop being on social networking.

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      2. Don’t worry about other people, make sure you are good and that will resolve a lot, to my mind. You should be able to turn off ‘likes’ so that does not distract or pressurise you. Do what you feel is right and the rest will follow. Take care, have fun and good lick, MM 💚

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  2. Me too! They have such character and offer so many photo ops… I cannot imagine what makes a family leave a place to fall apart. What about their land? Who owns it? What pushed them away? (These are the types of questions I ask myself as I click away!) 🙂

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