One Four Challenge – Daffodil III

I was part way through an idea I had for some major work on the chosen image when photoshop decided it wanted to retire. Given that I had a plane to catch, I decided I should come up with a Plan B. So here is Plan B, a lot simpler than I had envisaged but that plane needed catching.

I reverted to the original image in Lightroom, gave a pinkish tinge to the highlights to separate the sheath from the bud, stepped up the yellow on the bud, Β made it a bit sharper and finally added a greenish tint to the shadows. Β This time I also put a vignette around the image to remove background. I like the fact that the vignette is so subtle you can hardly see it, but what doΒ you think?

Daffodil processed in Lightroom


This is the fourth week of the March Challenge, gracefully hosted by Robyn G as ever. Please take a journey to find out more on the One Four Challenge.

Enjoy this week, the week of St Patrick. πŸ€


32 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Daffodil III

    1. Thank you. What I liked about the tints was that it made the sheath and bud stand out separately and therefore more distinguishable from each other. When one starts playing around with an image this much, I think personal taste and opinion are bound to come into play. Your comments are truly appreciated Lens Addiction so thank you, MM πŸ€


      1. Im oddly fussy about real things looking real in some situations, its my weird brain! if you had done the sheath in a more natural brown rather than the pink it wouldnt have bothered me at all. But as an artistic choice there is nothing wrong with it, and it worked nicely . Bring on Wk 4!

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    1. Thank you. Not easy to know how to take the image forward when it is so simple and the starting image is decent enough. A challenge for sure and thank you for commenting, MM πŸ€


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