One Four Challenge – Seaside Sentries III

For the third week of February’s One Four ChallengeΒ I have taken heed from a blogger who felt that the clouds were distracting. So out go the clouds!

And the trees, the scrub and much of the rocks. I knew that in an ideal world the sentry posts would have soared into the sky with just the blue as a background. That way they would stand out more. Alas which ever way I writhed around in the sand, the feat was not plausible.

So stepping into the breach, the image has undergone a drastic change in photoshop and the blue sky from one of the Shandon Tower images has been used as the background.

So here is the third version of Seaside Sentries.

Old Wooden pillars on a West Cork Beach
Seaside Sentries III

Now to get my thinking cap on for the final version, week 4 next week. Many thanks too to Robyn and Captivate Me for hosting such a great challenge.

27 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Seaside Sentries III

    1. This is ideally what I wanted to capture in camera. Trouble is it was not possible given all the background and wanting to
      include the sand ripples. The timbers really stand out a lot more, emphasisiing their defiance in the face of roaring seas.

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  1. The palings against the blue stand out well but the angle of the brightness in the sky is opposite that of the light in the foreground and that always makes my brain hiccup πŸ™‚


    1. It’s a fair comment and relatively easy to fix by just flipping the sky round. Alas time was not on my side when I undertook this late on Monday night. I will look to correct this for the final gallery, thank you for the highlight, MM πŸ€


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