The Cutting Room Floor – Snow Series

In compiling the images for the recent snow series, I had to make a number of decisions on which images to omit and which to include. While my favourite images were ‘Copper Beech‘ and ‘Snow Abstract‘, it was difficult to decide which to include and which to throw onto the cutting room floor – Am I the only one to have this problem?

Here I give you in a single post, a number of those images that failed to make it through. I have also slipped in a couple of crop suggestions that were kindly made by Lee Cleland from Down Under.

If you have suggestions / comments please join in the party / critique.

And then came the thaw……..

24 thoughts on “The Cutting Room Floor – Snow Series

  1. Thanks for showing these John, I too have a terrible time choosing what to keep and what to throw. Is it a sign of the hoarder in us or just indecisiveness πŸ™‚ Love Top Heavy, unbelievable how they can hold so much snow and thanks for showing the crops, I love Snowy Reeds it’s the sort of perfect shot I would like to take if we got snow here. Wonderful DOF.


  2. Copper Beech is stunning, MM. Now just to say, I don’t seem to be following you anymore. How strange. I DID NOT unfollow you on purpose…there must be gremlins in the system. So here I am again, following, following, following…:)

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    1. I’ll check that I am following you still as well – I haven’t seen your posts in my reader. Don’t worry though, you will always be the first follower Patsy. Hope you got to enjoy the snow a little. MM πŸ€


  3. MM – Such a gorgeous collection of images. I can’t see how you cut any of these out. I particularly like the Snowy Reeds. I think it’s because of the high contrast and textures going on in the picture.


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