One Four Challenge – Raindrops

Last week in my shot ‘Rain Reflections‘, I  added a reflection of my original shot. This was purposefully shown in a dark frame to highlight the technique used.

In this final week I simply provide a crop to this image and give it a little more tint. This makes the source of the image a little harder to distinguish and perhaps a little more pleasing.

Week4 - Raining
Week 4 – Raining

It would be great to hear your views. For more on the One Four Challenge, just head over to the Fine Art Blog of Robyn G and why not take part yourself?

As promised I also include all four images from this month’s challenge along with the original. Would be great to know which one you each like best.

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Have a great week, MM 🍀

43 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Raindrops

  1. Week 3 is the standout winner here. I think Week 4 is also great but it seems more like a painting to me. A darn good one, mind you!! Great work on this challenge and I find your subject inspiring. What we can do with camera edits and how you can change the whole feel of a photos is amazing.


  2. I like them all but this weeks with the crop and the tint of colour is my favourite. What a fun lot of exploration with this window of rain.


  3. I am a fan of all four weeks, as you already know. But, this week’s is my favorite. I just really love the tint this week, it is one of my favorite colors. Beautiful!


  4. Ooh I get the feeling of raindrop asteroids in deep space … I know .. totally bizarre Lol … I’m torn between this one and No 3 MM .


    1. they run down the window at different times, different speeds, different shapes, different sizes…… you say, we are all different. Thank you for commenting Maria, have a good day. MM 💦


  5. They are all one more beautiful then the next! Purple Rain is spectacular but Rain Reflections is just wow… I love each and every one of them!


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