Cork Morn

We have had our fair share of glorious mornings in Cork recently and here is another image taken in the morning a little after the Β sun had risen.

Morning Sky over Cork City
Morning Breaks over Cork City

Compositionally I struggled and was under time pressure, but I just loved the light on the water.

Let me know what you think and have a great day.

MM πŸ€

32 thoughts on “Cork Morn

  1. Great lighting! I see what you mean when you say you struggled with the composition. The two largest structures jutting into the sky need a third element; to some degree the bridge slanting towards the lower left provides a counterpoint. It might help to place the line of buildings into the upper third (instead of the middle) of the picture; alternatively, bring the buildings into the lower third with more sky and less reflection (paying homage to the rule of thirds). Hope this is helpful…


    1. Thanks for commenting Beauty. I tend to think I am in agreement with LeeCleland and focusing more on the reflections might have yielded better results. Great to keep pushing oneself and thanks for the shove too – all greatly appreciated. MM πŸŽ…

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  2. Oh John, I’m going to be a bit different about the image, is that OK. You did ask for comments πŸ™‚
    The photo is nice enough but I think this is a case of what we saw and what we are able to capture don’t align. The light on the water is fabulous and I know you had time constraints. Not knowing the area at all, I wonder if just concentrating on the water (more an abstract) may have given more emphasis to the beauty of the reflected light. Just my thoughts, hope you don’t mind?

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    1. No I love to get other people’s thoughts and perspective. I may not always agree with them but it is great to get the input of others – otherwise how do we learn, improve etc?…Yeah I love the undulating ripples in the water and the reflections, that may be concentrating on that solely may have been worth a go – I tend to agree with you on this one. Thanks for your comments Lee – always good to get constructive criticism. Have a great weekend, MM πŸŽ…


      1. So glad you took the comment in the way it was intended. I’m often not sure whether to open my mouth or just shut up. I do enjoy following your blog and look forward to many more fabulous images and possible interactions.

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      1. In Oslo we have 6 hours of sunlight today. From 09:16 – 15:11.
        My family up North haven’t seen the sun since the end of November and won’t see it again before the end of January.


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