Beach Fun

The Hound sure knows how to enjoy himself on the beach. He loves the open space, the lapping waves (not the big crashing ones), the sand and all that fresh salty air. It does one good just to watch him.

So here he is all at play.

In the one image the brakes were applied pretty late I have to say.


28 thoughts on “Beach Fun

  1. nice blog! funny, I stumbled across it through a blogger that liked something that like something that liked your blog… and lo and behold it’s all pictures of Cork. Nice to see someone capturing a little piece of home and sharing with the world!


    1. Well i am in an airport about to fly home and I cannot wait to see hom again. He is such a good buddy and is everybody’s friend. I’ll let hom know he has another admirer. Hope all is good with you Joys the vicious stapler πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜


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