Eyeing up Lunch

A sheltered spot by the rocks was found and the blanket laid on the sand. Time to rest the feet, pour the tea and tuck into the picnic goodies. Out of nowhere came the sense that we were being watched. Closely. Very closely.

Craning one’s neck to the rock that towered above us, it wasn’t difficult to guess just who might be eyeing our lunch.

Dog looking down from rock
Eyeing Up Lunch

Talk about predictable. As you can see from his coat, he is all fresh from a dip in the salt water.

Not content with just the saltwater, The Hound then goes digging for treasure, spraying sand everywhere. He really knows how to have fun.

Dog digging on the beach
Spraying Sand

Have fun this Wednesday, MM πŸ€


20 thoughts on “Eyeing up Lunch

      1. Well I guess I shouldn’t complain about summer when you guys have such a cold winter but its not even summer, well in about 11 days, and I already have the fan on all night… a bit hot too early I don’t like it too hot! Thanks for asking though lol πŸ™‚

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