Honeybear and The Apprentice

The Apprentice is certainly loving her animals at the moment. Having just taken delivery of One Foot, The Apprentice has also been seen heading on down to a local farm and sitting astride a pony called Honeybear.

Atop Honeybear
Atop Honeybear

Honeybear may be lovely and docile, but requires a good tug of the reins to move in the right direction and a bit of concentration when going over the jumps. Meanwhile the farmyard cats and dogs look on, while the peacocks simply strut their stuff. It’s a good job The Apprentice loves animals.

In the case of the above photograph you are just going to have to take my word for it that Honeybear is underneath.

16 thoughts on “Honeybear and The Apprentice

  1. Little girls and ponies … I just think Thelwell 🙂 a favourite source of laughter in our family when DD was young and VERY keen herself on all things horsey .
    Lovely Shot MM. The apprentice does look like she has that concentration to get Honeybear over the jumps !


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