Two Halves

As we undertook our tour of the Everyman Place Theatre in Cork, we were shown around all the main areas of the theatre, including the stalls and the upper stalls (or upper circle).

Here our guides pointed out the marked contrast of the two seating areas, with the upper stalls considered the poor man’s section.  All one had to do was look up to see the difference in the ceilings. Above the stalls it was as if one was in a stately home with a rich and ornate ceiling. Climb the stairs to the upper stalls and the ceiling looked like it belonged inside a dingy pub, not a theatre. The few attempts to make it seem otherwise failed to change the appearance.

Guarding the stage and stalls from any patron contemplating on mixing in the wrong circles were two fierce golden mythical creatures.

These are often the details overlooked, but our tour of the Everyman Palace Theatre brought all this fascinating history to life.

For more posts on this old theatre please see Stars for a Day, Sign Your Name and Friday at the Everyman Palace Theatre or visit the official website of The Everyman Palace Theatre.


2 thoughts on “Two Halves

  1. Fascinating behind the scenes look, love that oppulant ceiling. And no I can’t spell and tonight I’m just too lazy to get up and find the dictionary 🙂


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