Travel at Home

I know the title sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but when we think of travel we tend to think of getting many miles under the belt.

All too often tourists may see more of the local area and attractions than the local residents, simply because it will always be there to visit for the locals. On Wednesday of this week I screeched up to Fermoy on the motorway for a job, but returned by heading along the River Blackwater and cutting down to Cork through the minor roads.

Sure, I didn’t always know exactly where I was going but that was half the fun of it – not knowing what might come up next.

So having passed the wall-lined estate of Castle Hyde (home to Michael Flatley of Riverdance fame), I dropped to the waters of the Blackwater at Ballyhooly before taking the back road to Killavullen.

Blackwater at Ballyhooly
Blackwater at Ballyhooly

So why not get out this weekend on one’s own doorstep, take a few wrong turns and see just where you might end up and what you encounter. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest

22 thoughts on “Travel at Home

  1. Incredibly beautiful place!
    Local travel is fun travel … we never know what lies right beyond our border, whether that be the border of home, town, or region.


      1. my spare time is taken up with study as I am doing an intensive paper this semester, I have an assigment to hand in on Tuesday, a test following tuesday, a presentation to do a week after and final paper due two weeks after that. THEN I can go play with my camera πŸ™‚


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