Welcome to Adulthood

Well now that The Hound has reached the grand old age of two we are told that his puppy days are behind him.

To celebrate this march into maturity, The Hound gained a prize for third place in the only type of dog competition he had a chance of winning – “The Dog that Captures the Audience’s Heart”. Β Kind of sums him up really.

So here are a few images of the young dog, from cute and small to cute and large.


Note: The two images of The Hound at his smallest, and in the basket, were not taken by myself but taken when in foster care before we claimed him.

Finally, many thanks to Rachel, one of his admirers, for making him a big red “H”.

Have a great weekend, MM and The Hound

37 thoughts on “Welcome to Adulthood

  1. What a gorgeous hound πŸ™‚ Our dog turned two last week – funnily enough one of the only prizes he has ever won is second prize for smallest dog at a fun dog show for hounds (he’s a border terrier)!


    1. I have to say the fun ones are much more me, and definitely more the Hound – well let’s face it as a “mongrel” (or as I prefer to say selected cross breed) it’s the only type he can enter. May the puppy days continue on beyond 2! MM πŸ€


      1. It’s definitely in my “To Do Pile” which I fear keeps getting bigger! Now that I’m back from my two-week get-away, I’ll put some order to my thoughts and things! Will keep you posted!


    1. Jots, where were you? Me and Wild Sherkin had coffee the other day and you just didn’t show up! Still trying to work out whether I should be speaking to you πŸ˜‰. Seriously, it’s been a long time – hope all is good with you. Have you finally moved? Love from over here, MM πŸ’š


      1. You are the Toot’s Potatoes, MM! Yes, been missing you, too…and The Hound, of course. Moved? Yes. Unpacked? Mostly yes. Painting rooms but not {yet] water colouring. Your photos continue to inspire me. All good. In fact…life is good. Love back from this side. R.


    1. We still occasionally see the foster carer as she lives not far from us. Absolutely brilliant, hats off to you for the fostering, I am not sure I could cope with giving them all away – am a sucker for dogs and they seem to love me, πŸ˜ƒ


      1. Yes… I must tell you, it is one of the most painful experiences in my life… having to say goodbye to each one of them…! (For me), I don’t usually ask who their new parents are, I just give them hugs and pray that their little lives turn out well… but, every now and again the coordinator will let me know what a great family has adopted, and I sit there and cry with joy…! So, based on your beautiful photographs, I would say that had I nurtured your puppy, I would be Overjoyed!! ❀ πŸ™‚ !!


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