The Treasure Hunter

On Friday last it was time to go pillaging in the plot up in North Cork, we had after all run out of new potatoes.

Now when The Hound and I got there we discovered that The Sage had been on a recruitment drive. The first clue was when The Hound  lingered at a pair of sandals in the hallway, not the scent of anyone familiar!

It turns out this new assistant shares a love with The Sage, that of the potato. There is nothing better than going off to the garden digging for golden nuggets in the form of the mighty tattie. So here is the latest recruit of The Sage:

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For those keen eyed viewers who have been following the blog for some time, you may note a resemblance to The Apprentice.

14 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunter

  1. Your photo’s remind me of what I miss most while gardening lately the enthusiastic chatter of a side kick who is intent on causing mayhem and laughter all in the guise of “helping”. Long may you have her help.


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