The Flying Dutchman

When I got to the Cahirmee Fair in Buttevant I enquired how trade was. It wasn’t long before I pocked up on the rumour of the Flying Dutchman. While the fair officially started on the Monday, this man was telling me that a Dutchman had bought close to 100 horses on the eve of the fair. Allegedly while the official day got underway on the 14th, thereย was alreadyย a whole convoy loaded with horses on its way to the Netherlands.

So obviously the stars of this Fair are the horses and without further ado I include images of some fine steeds.

Now if you think all the above is a bit far-fetched, just remember that both Napolean and Wellington were said to have bought horses from this fair for their campaigns.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever horse-play you may get up to.

18 thoughts on “The Flying Dutchman

  1. What gorgeous steeds, wonderfully photographed! I have a rescue horse myself – a gentle, cheeky quarter horse gelding named Romy. Hope that buyer wasn’t a meat dealer!๐Ÿ˜ฑ


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