Guido Van Helten in Iceland

Last month I blogged the post “Art or Graffiti?“, highlighting the work of an Australian graffiti artist in the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. I am not surprised that it got a fair bit of attraction, as I think his work and how he has achieved it on such a huge scale is incredible.

So to satisfy those who might be interested to see his other murals on that same factory, I give below a further three images.

Hopefully these images not only underline the sheer scale of the feat, but also the fact that it isn’t just a blank flat wall, there are obstacles to be overcome. Guido, you are one talented artist.

You can see Guido’s Facebook page for more images and to see him at work.

I should also note that The Wife takes full credit for the two images where I play second fiddle to Guido’s creations.


23 thoughts on “Guido Van Helten in Iceland

    1. Have to confess it was the scenery and landscapes that made Iceland for me. I wasn’t that hot on Reykjavik though it does have some nice cafes and restaurants (and no doubt clubs). These murals were the highlight for me (but then we also got pretty constant rain in the Capital). 😐


      1. Yeah, it was raining/cloudy for most of our trip too, but it was still incredible! I liked the museums and the botanic gardens/zoo in Reykjavik, but I also loved exploring the Westfjords and Southern Iceland – the waterfalls and the rivers and the wildlife were just beautiful.


      2. I loved the museums! The Saga Museum was one of my favourites – we took a short audio tour and learnt about the Icelandic sagas. We also visited the National Museum and the open air museum.


    1. It’s the whole scale of it – I was engrossed and blown away so thought it only incumbent upon me to share. Also we just stumbled upon this walking away from the main centre, so wanted to highlight it for those going to Reykjavik. Well worth the detour!

      Thanks for your comments Dom, always appreciated. MM πŸ€


  1. Gorgeous. These artists just blow my mind – how they can “see” the big picture as they paint them on these buildings is just… wow. Oh, and the pictures of his work are also gorgeous!


      1. I’ll do one better! I’m off for two weeks of beaches, walks in the woods, boardwalks…. “see” ya when I get back!


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