Eldborg Crater

On our drive to the Snaefellsnes peninsula, a mound was marked on our map as the site of an old volcano, just before heading along the southern flank of the peninsula.

While I had seen a volcano in Ecuador spitting out molten rock, I had not been on the edge of the crater of a volcano. So when we saw this rim sticking up out of the flat plain and a signpost pointing to Eldborg, the indicator of the car was duly hit. This last action only really useful to a bunch of sheep thanks to the sparsity of traffic.

From the point where we could drop the car it was about 3km to the crater and what a sight it was, both from afar and near. I almost expected  something from Jurassic Park to come running out of the scrub, it seemed as if I was on another planet. An amazing other world experience. Why on earth our guide had failed to mention this as a site worth stopping at along the way is beyond me. Maybe that here in Iceland such features aren’t that uncommon and this paled into insignificance next to others. Either way, we loved it.


Well it’s Monday so let’s get the week off to a cracking start….

Note: Obviously The Wife is responsible for the two shots in which I feature.

18 thoughts on “Eldborg Crater

  1. What a beautifully scenic place Mick, captured so well by yourself I presume. The grandeur is breathtaking and the simple pink shrub etching out its existence in an otherwise green habitat… perfect! You should be getting kickbacks from the Icelandic tourist commission!! 🙂


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