Roads of Iceland

Driving in Iceland can be wonderfully relaxed, devoid of tailgaters, no blaring horns and surrounded by stunning scenery.

Of course, a bit of concentration can be required when on a steep hill, negotiating a hairpin bend, no safety crash barrier and an alarming drop into the valley. With gravel roads, typically the width of a single vehicle, it starts to sound a bit more like a challenge, especially with a bus coming in the opposite direction. With that in mind, I thought you might appreciate an image or two:

Oh, and I believe sheep have the right of way – and there are no shortage of these animals in the region. The penultimate image shows a road we headed out on to get to the end of the peninsula near Bolungarvik, only to be confronted by some snowmobiles, snow ploughs and the end of the gravel road disappearing into the snow. I guess we were just a little too early in the season.

Get near any reasonable sized towns though and the roads are really good and the driving quite safe. Not nearly as exciting or rewarding I say.

Notes:Β I know the last image is of a path not a road, but I just liked it and I am the editor and writer of this blog! Additionally, photo credit for the shot “Intimidating” has to go to The Wife. How ironic is that?


37 thoughts on “Roads of Iceland

    1. These roads are mainly in the West Fjords region, the least visited region of Iceland. If you do go back, get the ferry across from the Snaefellsness Peninsula and stay on Flatey Island for a night. Magiical. πŸ‘


    1. The idea was to show that there was loads of scenery ahead and behind – spoilt for choice. Not sure how I did relative to that objective, but I do quite like the result. πŸ‘


  1. Lovely expansive landscape shots MM .
    Can you give my memory a nudge as to when you took this trip ??
    Please πŸ™‚


    1. Yes, the first two weeks in June roughly. Definitely a good time to go. Please feel free to fire more questions, though we only did a very small bit of Iceland. πŸ€


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