Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

This week’s photo challenge is “contrast”.

For the theme I put forward three images, the first two of which were taken on the hard concrete drive that lies to the front of the house. As you can imagine, the concrete drive where the car sits is not the prettiest of places and yet here there has sprung up a lone  lobelia plant, bright blue amongst the hard expanse, somehow gaining a foothold and putting on a display. Not far away were a number of daisies, many crawling with red mites and providing both colour and texture contrasts.

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The last of the images is taken from Reykjavik. Looking out the hotel bedroom the newer, large expanses of windowless concrete is crowding out the smaller, more traditional buildings with their multitude of colours and array of windows.

Reykjavik Contrast
Reykjavik Contrast

Hopefully you have enjoyed these contrasts this Thursday. Have a great day.

For more of this weeks challenge why not see contrast.



10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

  1. Wonderful contrasts! Hey…the other day, while photographing outdoor this and that….I had the thought, “How would Mick photograph this.” Thought you should know you are an inspiration. 😀 Have a wonderful day!


    1. I saw it looking out the hotel window and for me this somewhat summed up Reykjavik. Still not too sure how well it works, but glad that you enjoyed it Liz.

      Enjoy your weekend. MM 🍀


      1. Mick- the sun is nowhere to be seen….
        yesterday it hailed……
        Typical Swedish summer! 🙂


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