Split in Two

Another County Donegal post and an isolated beach is the location for the next couple of shots, focusing on ‘split’.



The split rock is massive, so I guess that just shows the power of the ocean.

Something a little different for today anyway.

10 thoughts on “Split in Two

  1. Hi Mick. I love how the nuance kind of represents itself here.
    In one (1st/left) I see power, in the other I sense sovereignty.
    This is such an effect-cause / matter-force delicacy! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful words Kutukamus. I like the way the one on the left seems divided and yet is the same – waves coming in, waves returning and yet it is all one. It seems incredible that this benign subject can at times cause so much havoc and rip rocks apart.

      Many thanks for commenting. MM πŸ€


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