18 thoughts on “Standing Firm

  1. I always look at trees and learn how to survive; some trees barely get water from winter to winter, especially in a country like where I live because it’s very dry. Trees could be inspirational especially when it comes to the power of one’s own ability to let go and just live, no matter what. Very creative shoot, I hope you know what I mean. πŸ™‚


  2. Reblogged this on Lessons in French and commented:
    This speaks to my spirit this morning – going through so much at the moment and the message that I keep seeing is to stand firm.

    How beautifully is that captured in this beautiful photograph.
    Mick you are a gift to me today.

    So my message to all that pass by my blog today is this:

    Often we don’t understand why things happen – sometimes it is not to be understood straight away, sometimes the message is clear. For now stand firm, rest in God and trust.
    His ways are not our ways – His ways are infinitely more awesome and incredible.
    Stand firm beloved – stand firm.

    Lots of blessings to you all this day

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  3. I love this because it says so much – it says despite the sand and the seemingly uselessness of this type of soil – there is life – there is hope. Sorry Mick – a little nostalgic today. This really captured my heart and my position at his place in my life right now. This message keeps being shouted over and over again to me. thank you for being the accidental messenger of confirmation to me.

    hope you don’t mind if i re-blog, but i just have to have a record of this one.


    1. Mich, it is gratifying to know that this image can touch someone so and to hear that it might give strength to overcome obstacles. In a sea of sand this one blade really stood out defiantly.

      I sincerely wish you well in facing life’s travails and may you come out stronger and happier the other side. My very best wishes and thanks for the re-blog.

      The Accidental Messenger / MM / John πŸ’š


      1. Sometimes we just are and that is enough for someone else – that is I am sure who you are …whether you have realised it or not.

        The honour is mine to re-blog. I am standing firm – thank you so much.



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