The Bells of Shandon

Anyone can ring these bells, it is dead easy and there is no danger of being pulled up into the belfry. The Tower even provides music sheets telling you the bells to pull and lyrics, so you can’t really go that wrong.

While I was up the Shandon Tower, people came to ring the bells that were doing a cruise, others had flown in just for a day, some were touring all of Ireland, while some locals also got in on the act.

So here are a few images of people ringing the bells, the bells themselves and an essential piece of kit for climbing the tower, should anyone pull the ropes as you go past the bells. Please remember the images are copyrighted and cannot be copied without my permission.


And a big thank you to all of the participants who came from America, Holland, Cork, Canada and the UK just to be in my photographs πŸ˜‰. Seriously, thank you for giving me permission to capture your enjoyment.

For me details on this why not visit Shandon Bells.

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