Beach at the end of the World

Beyond Slieve League in County Donegal, on the south western limits of the county lies the wonderful horseshoe beach of Mallinbeg. Steep steps lead down to the protected beach and its expanse of sand.

Ever the friendly county, someone had scrawled in large letters “Welcome” on the sand. Another terrific Donegal Beach.


31 thoughts on “Beach at the end of the World

  1. I usually download your pictures and use them as a background for my desktop, especially if it’s a fantastic landscape like this one. Thumbs Up!


  2. Donegal is one of my biggest wishlist destinations when I am blessed enough to get back to Ireland. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚


  3. Looks a great place to take the kids on holiday, to go fishing, to go swimming, wildlife watching, canoeing, etc.
    My lad used to do something called skimboarding – he would to have loved to do something there.


      1. Indeed! The last time we visited Ireland we stayed in Donegal. We were on a beach, in a bay similar to ‘yours’, and a pod of Dolphins came in, presumably after Mackerel, but the locals seemed to be concerned they might get stranded so we kind of corralled them out by wading out toward them. I think they got out okay – a rubber dinghy with an outboard seemed to be ensuring they did.


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