View From the Top

On Monday I commented on the Four Faced Liar, the famed clock on Shandon Tower. Today I am going to take you straight to the top of the tower to get a glimpse of Cork City.

Of course, you don’t have to visit my blog to get these views, you could also climb the old tower for yourself and see what landmarks you can recognise. Who knows, maybe you can even spot your own house.

Many thanks go to this charming Dutch couple from the north west of The Netherlands, for allowing me to take these photographs as they took in the view. For more information you can pop over to

16 thoughts on “View From the Top

    1. Yep, you got it – vignetting it is. Here I have used a white vignetting, but sometimes a dark effect works best – depending upon the subject. It is something easily done in Lightroom and you can control the degree of vignetting.

      Hope that helps, MM πŸ€


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