First Year Anniversary

My first blog post went up exactly one year ago and this post is scheduled to be posted at the same time as that very first one, Everyday Beauty.  It wasn’t long before I got my first follower, WildSherkin from just down the road.

The time has flown by and it has been great. I’ve loved the journey and the interaction along the way. By now the blog has attracted over 46,000 views and has broken through the 900 followers mark – the latest being Eeva-Maria from Finland. And for everyone in between, many heartfelt thanks, this has been a great journey that isn’t quite set to wrap up.

So what do you, the viewer wish to see more of (tick as many as you wish) ?

As I have been pretty slow in putting up posts from Donegal, here is an image of me in the pub of the Brennan family, best known for Clannad and Enya. The picture credit for this has to go to The Wife.

At Leo's
At Leo’s

Hope to see you all and many more in another 12 months, MM 🍀

74 thoughts on “First Year Anniversary

  1. So glad to have ‘met’ you and I will delightedly continue to watch your work with great pleasure! And I am deeply impressed at the numbers you’ve put up in a mere year—way ahead of me, and I’m approaching the year-3 mark myself. All best to you as you continue! 😀


    1. Thank you Kathryn, it has been a very interesting ride and I think the blog is now finding its own course. It’s also been great meeting so many people around the world and seeing what they find interesting. Hopefully one big enjoyable education all round.Looking forward to seeing each other’s continued journey over the next 12 months and beyond. Thank you so much for all your support, your real (not virtual) friend, MM / John 🍀


  2. Wooohooo Congrats MM!! Very inspiring how much your blog has grown in one short year, by the amount of participation here, I assumed you had been doing this for a few years!! And for the record I voted for “Whatever you want or get inspired by” – I, like many, definitely trust your eye and would love to see more of the things that catch your interest. Keep it up and here’s to many more!!!
    – Zachary


  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday dear talented friend 😀 😀 🙂 either I chose ‘Whatever you want or get inspired by’ or I could change to Others ‘ JUST KEEP SURPRISING US in the usual amazing way 🙂 ”
    beijinhos de Portugal 😀


  4. Happy, happy, happy birthday dear talented friend 😀 😀 🙂 either I chose ‘Whatever you want or get inspired by’ or I could change to Others ‘ JUST KEEP SUPRISING US in the usual amazing way 🙂 ”
    beijinhos de Portugal 😀


  5. Happy Anniversary, MM! I voted with the others on “whatever you want or get inspired by”. I’m captivated by the bouquet of subjects you share with us. Always beautiful work!


  6. I spoke with a financial adviser named Andrew yesterday in Charlotte, NC, who lived in Cork for awhile. Lovely accent…. Made me think of you! Congrats on celebrating a full year, MM. xo


  7. Happy, happy Anniversary! 🙂

    I voted “Show me around Cork/Ireland” and “Other” – more self portraits. 🙂


      1. Much better, thank you – finally! You have an exciting year ahead and I look forward to following in your footsteps and seeing and hearing all about it. P


  8. Well done MM, keep it up, no change required. I have been offline again these last few days, struggling to get an Internet connection from deepest rural France – a nice problem to have 🙂


  9. Happy Anniversary, MM 🙂

    Thanks a lot for making my reader so colorful with your beautiful blog posts.

    Hope to see many more incredible images here.

    Have a great time 🙂


  10. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your encouraging comments and following my blog almost a year ago and that in turn inspired me to check out yours and I am so glad I did! I love your pictures and posts especially about your part of the world.


  11. Happy Anniversary, MM. You certainly have made my world a brighter place, even inspiring me along the way. Here’s to a wonderful second year. My thanks…


  12. Happy Anniversary! You’ve given us so many images/words to enjoy so far and I hope you will continue to do so for many more!


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