Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring III

Ok now I have pulled out the stops to gather some recent photos that make one scream “Spring” and put them into a collage. However, I have to acknowledge that the swan and flycatcher images are from 2013. So for all things spring we have some chicks, lambs, calves and of course plenty of colour provided by an array of flowers.

Hopefully some of them may also scream “Great Photo!”.

46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring III

      1. I’m not surprised. There is a lot in that image one can relate to… The “family feeling”. πŸ™‚


  1. Yes it worked for me, can you show it to Mother Nature as I am currently wearing two jumpers and thinking of lighting the fire. Winter is back. You might kill me for saying this but the black and white image is striking, more so because you have it sitting with the colour photos. All are great but the tulip still gets the prize for me. (Also the reason I don’t/can’t eat lamb anymore is because, lambs are cute. – Sheep are stupid but…)


    1. Some images are made for B/W, this was one where B/W really worked well. It is all a matter of opinion and it is great we will not all agree – the April poll really shows that. πŸ£πŸ‘


      1. I caught six brown trout πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I’m back in the States. Worst decision I made was getting on that plane out of Edinburgh on the 1st of May.


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