Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters

A little bit rushed perhaps, but here is my first entry for the current weekly photo challenge, “letters”.  The carefully manicured letters pictured have been written by someone over 90 years of age, a style of handwriting that no font specialist can replicate with a computer. It is individual, personal and full of grace.


I wish my own handwriting was as neat and flowing and think  it a shame for today’s electrical devices  to be eroding such a noble art.

As for the photo challenge, surely to get in two meanings of the word “letters” in a single image is worthy of double points?


40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters

  1. Thanks to computers, family actually get extensive letters from me now. Thanks to computers, they get the same letter! Ha! (I do add personal notes to them, and don’t hide the fact they all get the same letter. The computer-literate one does what I do; the older ones actually write letters in cursive. Whew!))

    I have noticed how degraded my handwriting has become, though. On the other hand, while pathetic and atypical (not the Palmer method American kids used to learn from the earliest years), it’s still cursive. Many people today can’t manage that.


    1. The computer allows easier contact and enables people to stay in contact much more easily and that is great. Letters like the one featured place an extra personal stamp for me. Both are good and I like to write with pen, though everyday stuff is tapped! MM 🍀


  2. This is perfect John. The composition and lighting are beautiful and the handwriting – timeless and priceless. Something to be cherished!


  3. And to think that handwriting (Cursive) is not taught in the schools anymore! Students learn to print and keep doing it throughout their school years! Don’t even get me started on EDUCATION in our schools today! Handwriting is an art form and BEAUTIFUL! Hang on to those LETTERS!


  4. Love this. I am a letter writer, a journal keeper (various kinds of journals: travel, gratitude) and I still write thank you notes. This picture is BRILLIANT! Definitely bonus points for the letters on letters!


  5. That is very clever of you. Letters on a letter. Very creative. Yes, agree that person has neat handwriting. Must have taken him or her a lot of time to pour his thoughts down on those pieces of paper. It would have taken longer if he or she had used an old-fashioned ink fountain pen 🙂


  6. That is lovely handwriting – a handwritten letter does add to the character of what is being said, but it is easier to dash off an email! Maybe communication, however it is done, is a good thing.


  7. Yep, double points definitely deserved! I still keep a diary/sketchbook for one holiday a year – when we go sailing.You get some quite wobbly writing and drawing though.


      1. Yup I agree with you. Personally I still write my travel diaries and my diving log (sort of dive report/journal) in handwriting. But during our trip, most of scuba-diver fellows whom we met, typed their diving log electronically via their tables. Sometimes I feel bit old fashioned 🙂


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