The Old Mini

In an old barn lies a green mini, protected by the worst that the weather may, bring but exposed to corrosion nonetheless and mice, spiders, mosses and other new inhabitants. A farmyard is often a great place to see old vehicles in gradual states of decay. On some of the smaller Irish Islands, where a regular vehicle test is not required, many such vehicles still move around held together by twine and other matter.

Here’s the green mini in the hay barn, being disguised by cobwebs and green matter.

Mirror Work
Mirror Work

It almost looks as if the mirror has been cleaned regularly, such is its shine when compared to the car’s flank. The cobwebs the clue to how much polishing this mirror has received of late. The headlights could do with a bit of a clean too.

Head Light
Head Light

Don’t suppose she’ll be moving very far in the coming days, weeks, months……….

16 thoughts on “The Old Mini

  1. Oh, lovely! Such a personality.
    So much feelings in these images, MM. πŸ™‚ Beautiful details…
    The fire truck that I photographed was also in an old barn.


  2. My first car was a Mini, “born” in 1973 and its colour was “Not Quite White”. I drove it around parts of New Zealand for nearly 20 years until it became impractical to carry babies in it. Would also love to see more photos of the old green Mini.


  3. What a coincidence John, I was just thinking ealier about 2 old fashioned ruined cars we used to play in as children, and what a pity it was they were gone, as they would make great subjects!


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