The Shed

It seems that the garden shed is becoming a bit of a haven, both in the UK and Ireland. Not only may it contain the tools for the garden and house, it is a place to simply escape. It’s amazing what one can find, from a full stocked bar with pumps that work to bicycles, spades, model railways, chainsaws, etc.

The shots below are taken from an interesting shed that I found here in Ireland. No doubt there will be more images to follow.

Siummer Hat
Summer Hat
Old Gear
Old Gear

For those in to their sheds the following links may be of interest Irish Mens Sheds,Β UK Men’s Shed Organisation.



18 thoughts on “The Shed

  1. such cool photos! They have that vintage look with the colors in them, the dust, and the old objects! I love them! Especially the one with the bag ❀


  2. Sheds…now you are talking MM πŸ™‚ One of my early versions was a fully operational darkroom – probably the best I had and certainly a great escape. I look forward to more images.


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