Capturing the Beautiful – Guest Blog

I was asked by Jeremy to do a guest blog on key factors in my photography, why I take images and inspirations. Go check out his blog to read more on this.


Jeremy has kindly asked me to do a guest blog on why I take photographs and what inspires me. So here I am trying to put pen to paper rather than hiding behind the lens. For me I can identify two key factors in my photography:

  • The introduction of digital
  • Taking a career break

Both were needed in order to develop as a photographer.   Going Digital For many, digital might mean manipulating photographs until you get a half decent shot from a pretty ragged initial image. For me, however, the introduction of digital opened up creativity. No longer did one have to worry about developing costs or the costs of a film when taking images that might or might not work. All of a sudden a licence was given to be creative, try different angles, shoot into the sun and break all the other rules you’re meant to keep…

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8 thoughts on “Capturing the Beautiful – Guest Blog

  1. It is a wonderful thing to achieve glorious blogging victory via the first “like.”

    Maybe it is a good thing that I am retiring from the military, all things considered.


  2. Just realised I posted on Jeremy’s blog – though I’m sure you’ll still see it – I repeat! Great post allowing you to show us your inside!


    1. Thank you Dale, the spacing and picture sizing seems a bit screwed up, but glad you liked it and hopefully gave a bit more of a window into my world. Will check out your own…..promise. MM 💚


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