Marlogue Beach

Perhaps a slight exaggeration, more like  estuary shore within Cork Harbour.

You may have seen my recent post Marlogue Mayhem in which I reported on the damage done by the February storms within Marlogue Wood. At the end of the walk I made it to the estuary shore having severely tested my hurdling technique. I was well rewarded for my efforts.

Looking up the channel of water I could see Garranekinnefeake Church on the opposite bank rapidly moving into the shade  as the clouds and hill smothered the sunlight. Still the clouds helped to make a shot worthwhile as I looked for a wide angle view. To fully capture this spot I turned around and took a shoot to the south, rays of the sun cutting through the gaps in the clouds.

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Just to prove it was me behind the lens, I got the dog to walk onto this well managed ‘set’. Hope you enjoy and have a great Sunday.

MM 🍀

20 thoughts on “Marlogue Beach

  1. Nice work Mick. We’ll be sending our footballers down in a couple of weeks. Go easy on them – they’re a bit delicate at the minute after what your neighbours did to them.


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