House at the Crossroads

In looking for subjects to fulfil the ‘abandoned’ photo challenge, I came across a house with the end wall completely covered in slate tiles except for a small single window. The wall was so unusual that I had to turn around and check it out for myself. Β The slates were each individual, of varying shade and many with coarse lines across them. It reminded me of a jigsaw.

However, for me the the setting of this old house at the crossroads with brooding clouds behind really made the scene. So I give you the House at the Crossroads:

House at the Crossroads
House at the Crossroads

Followed by the Wall of Slates.

Slate Wall Tiles
Slate Wall Tiles

These old houses seem to hold so much character.

14 thoughts on “House at the Crossroads

  1. As a builder I can see they must have had water penetrating the solid gable end wall (no cavities when this was built!) and have fitted the slates to further waterproof the gable from the driving wind & rain, the slates were possibly ‘close to hand’ but also lightweight and so minimising extra load onto the existing foundations.
    Either way this is a really resourceful reuse of existing materials and remedying the problem!


    1. Thanks Sean, as a non-builder I find that really interesting and as you say, resourceful. Furthermore the driving wind and rain kind of fits too. Your comment is much appreciated, keep them flowing and have a good weekend, MM πŸ€


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