Time to Vote – February 2014 Photo of the Month

Well I’ll provide the shortlist once more while it is up to all of you to determine the winner. I always find it interesting to get feedback on what it is that you really like.

Here are the photographs andย please vote using the poll at the foot of this post:

Just click on an image to enlarge.

Thanks and have a great day. I will post the outcome in a week’s time. Can’t believe we are in March already.

49 thoughts on “Time to Vote – February 2014 Photo of the Month

  1. MM, I think you need to bring in a PR system of voting from next month on. It’s not fair on the second, third … most-liked to just fling them into the scrap heap. See I wanted to vote for at least 7!


  2. Reading Interrupted was my pick this month Mick – adoration shines through in that one! Though one of my favourite photos – the well-worn boots ready for a walk with the hound sadly didn’t make the cut. Must be tricky narrowing it down to a dozen each monthโ€ฆ Cheers, Margot


  3. I found this difficult and had it down to three contenders but the City Hall won out. If I had a second choice it would be the dark and brooding one ๐Ÿ™‚ followed closely by Clew Bay.


  4. They are all so very good but I love Reading Interrupted. It tells a great story of the relationship between man and dog. And it is beautifully taken.


  5. I suspect that I am the 2nd voter, and thus the poll results I see are not statistically valid. This was a tougher pick than previous ones, but IMO it was the composition and colour of the Padlock Detail that won out in my eyes.


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