Fenton! Fenton! Fenton!

Sometimes we can all be accused of selective hearing and I must include The Hound in here too. For someone who can hear the tiniest rattle of the biscuit tin it is amazing how little notice he can take of you when shouting at the top of your voice in the local park. I should know.

Fortunately for me, this time it was the episode of a friend with a dog that had a bit of a Fenton moment (for those who have not heard of the footage showing a labrador on the loose in Richmond Park just click Fenton).


This of course was after we had both taken the trouble to wash the dogs in the stream before returning to our cars.

Splashing About
Splashing About

So having gotten washed a play around in the grass and MUD was clearly the order of the day, the delight on one doggie’s face just there for all to see as she gave her owner the slip just one more time.

Time of Her Life
Time of Her Life

I am sure that all dog owners can recall their own Fenton moment, the Hound already has a royal collection.

For the observant among us you may have noted that these shots were taken from another walk in Garryduff Woods.

22 thoughts on “Fenton! Fenton! Fenton!

  1. A bit off topic but Fenton’s …. it’s the name of an ice creamery in Oakland across from that church I took. Fenton’s was featured in the movie “Up” at the very end because the Pixar animation executives live near there, lol. Nice images btw! hahahaah


  2. I have a black lab and they stay young forever. I had a Fenton moment once when he decided to swim after some ducks in a lake. I was screaming his name from the top of lung. I didn’t want to go for a swim in early spring. It took a while but he returned to shore exhausted. That was the end of the walk for that day.


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