Sunlit Dock

Continuing on from my post on Friday, ‘Green Door Docks’, I can now bring you a couple of images when the sun managed to light up the old dockside building early in the morning. The difference in light is amazing.

There is so much to see if we just stop and allow ourselves to observe.

35 thoughts on “Sunlit Dock

  1. If the doors weren’t green, we could even think they are two different places! This one is so warm and the other looks more cold.
    Very nice!


      1. It’s been fabulous! My man bought me a camera! He saw I went out every day taking pictures with my phone and took pity on me…. Hopefully I’ll do a good job!


  2. Wow I love the light and vibrancy of colour. Those old buildings almost talk to you, they have so much character.
    You might enjoy the colourful old houses and beautiful church at St. Lukes cross.
    I was struck by the striking colours and shapes in the sun last week, following 2 days of storms and the after the snow had melted.


    1. Snow? We had flurries in the air and that was about it here in Ballintemple on the top of the hill. When the light hits right (and after the rain is often a great time) it can be awesome. Here I loved the sparkle of the cobbles, bright green doors and the sense of history in the building. Hope you are having a great weekend FYN22, MM πŸ€


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