Green Doors at the Docks

The day after the floods in Cork City I took a stroll around some of the old docks in Cork City centre where sandbags still plugged the bottom of doorways. This fine old building with green doors and cobbled street running in front, was a gem to find and a hark back to a different era.

A man I met there was opening up and showed me one of the large old keys, like something that you only see in films or a museum.

And after I took all these photographs the sun came out to dance on the wet cobbles and the slate roof.

Enjoy the weekend.

39 thoughts on “Green Doors at the Docks

  1. John – a man from your past – Diarmaid O’Sullivan from State Street. This is a fantastic site you have a rish talent and I wish you great success


  2. Wonderful series of photos Mick! Lovely details and those green doors look so great, as does the moss on the roof. Beautiful colors! πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend!


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