Spring has Sprung

I know it is hard to believe when being battered by gale force winds, snowy showers and the pavement is glazed with ice, but spring is here. This gallant daffodil is hope personified. Of course I have to admit these shots were taken on Tuesday in the front garden, immediately after a shower but before this area of the country was hit by the gales.

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It may of course be looking in a slightly sorrier state by now.

54 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. How lovely. Daffodils are at least a month away here. February is very much a winter month, although we still have no snow in my part of the country…


      1. When, we were there in July, I think, I, who talked to everybody, ask some Irishman if it rains everyday and he said, “Ma’ma, you should have been here two weeks before, as it didn’t rain a drop! This was not the the answer I expected but was a perfect Irish Blarney reply and a great story for me to tell back home! ๐Ÿ˜Ž what is that wild rough game you Irish play on a feel, sort of a mixture of lacrosse, soccer and rugby? We used to watch it in the Pubs eating fish and chips and just marveling at it. American mamas would not let their babies play it , that is for sure!


      2. Never been to Derry, but heading up to Donegal in the Spring, my what a beautiful County. We had a great long weekend in Antrim and I loved the Giant’s Causeway. Enjoy the weekend Anne, MM ๐Ÿ€


      3. Well, we loved Derry.. . . . old medieval walled city. The wall is complete,( few left in the world) all the way around( we walked it) and the bus tour, (highly recommend) with a lovely Irish storyteller explaining tales from the “trouble”. You see the wall murals on the walls of the tenements where the Catholics lived. Damn English were just wanting power and wouldn’t let the Catholic vote because they were larger families and would kick the English out. Today, there are Protestant and Catholics living in peace or so it seems. I was weeping hearing the tales which encouraged the guide. He even sang for us. It was just one of those places where I felt totally connected with those lovely people and that exquisite isle.


  2. Beautiful and sunny! Talk about a photo of hope for better things to come!
    I am hoping we will get “real” spring (not just a few warm days 35-40 degres F, here and there ) soon and not the usual “…it’s June, it should warm up sometime soon!” statements. In Montana, we can and I have seen a full blizzard/heavy snowfall as far as into July :/!


  3. Sheesh…. calling mid-February spring is just to beyond my comprehension! WE won’t be seeing any daffodils until end of April – if we’re Lucky!
    Gorgeous, as usual!


      1. I hear you. I hope you are not suffering too much in your neck of the woods! We keep seeing some pretty scary images on the news…


  4. Beautiful photo, MM.
    Thank Goodness you’re getting some signs of Spring. I wonder what your Summer will be like in the UK this year?


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