A Right Dog’s Day

The case of a battered dog left to die on a pile of rubbish has stirred up a bit of action. The brave dog Fionn has made a wondrous recovery and was there at a money raising event for Dog Action Welfare Group (DAWG) in Cork yesterday.  Around 1,000 people and countless dogs  took part in a walk, not only to raise funds, but to highlight the lack of protection afforded to dogs and other animals.

As  my own dog, The Hound, came through DAWG I was compelled to go and show my support. Being instantly recognisable, the Hound was remembered and gained a T-Shirt to promote the event.

Then my stupidity was highlighted – thinking I might be able to take some decent shots on the camera while also trying to hold onto The Hound.  So with an inordinate number of distractions for The Hound, little light due to the dull rainy day and just one hand to do all the camera operations, it wasn’t long before I realised that taking good pictures was just not going to happen.

Here are a few colour shots before I simply had to give up.

The best of the day (certainly not the downpours) was that a great deal of money was raised and for that congratulations must go to Oonagh O’Brien at DAWG. The Facebook page of the event can be found at Walk for Fionn.

49 thoughts on “A Right Dog’s Day

  1. That sounds like a good time for a great cause. I know I would not take my camera out and about with the boxer on a leash she is to wild. Now I could take the camera out and about with the older dog we have she moves a bit slow.


  2. I love them so much, I would take them all and love them, smooch them, hug them and kiss them. They are such nice kind, loving souls. The photos are beautiful, catching the dogs’ kind eyes.


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