Moorhen Collaboration

Yesterday I re-blogged a collaborative work in which Anarette had put words to a photograph I had taken of a white downy swan feather trapped in the ice. Today it is my turn to put words to an image taken by Anarette.

At first I struggled to fit words to Anarette’s image below, but have come up with a string of words that I hope you enjoy. To see yesterday’s collaboration hop on over to Anarette’s wonderful blog by clicking on ‘White Feather‘.


The Moorhen – What’s in a name?

Head bobbing in and out

By the barges I roam

The reeds forming cover

To this my canal home

The pond, silent and still

A calm place to be

Where I can dip my bill

That red for all to see

Quick and darting on the land

Though safest on the water

Away from fox and other foe

That might lead me to slaughter

Running water, rivers and brook

Or loch and pond of waters staid

It’s where you’ll find me if you look

My colours here displayed

You may call me by my given name

A misnomer if e’er I heard

To lay for you is not my game

Nor moor the place to spy this bird

To join me in a collaboration or just to see what it is all about whey not check out my collaborations page. If you want to be really wowed, just go over to the blog of Anarette

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