Photo Vote Results

Following my December post ‘Let me Know your Favourite‘, I thought I should post up a summary of the results, after all you have been kind enough to vote. In first place with close to 30% of the vote was:

Last of the Leaves
Last of the Leaves

I am not too surprised at this as the colours and simplicity are appealing. Then in second place with 16% we have:

Dorset Coast
Dorset Coast

This is the one that really surprised me at how well it did – I only threw it up onto the blog as I didn’t have time to take any new shots so reverted to shots from the summer. I remember thinking, “Oh that will do”. Just shows you. In third place with 14% we have:

Charming their way through Life
Charming their way through Life

I did think this was an ‘easy to like’ photograph simply because of the characters that it reflects, so thought it might do well.

Thank you all for voting, I found it really interesting and can divulge that my own favourite (Desert Dreams) came in just 9th place (out of 12).  Either my tastes are incredibly refined or I know nothing!

(please note these percentages may change as further votes are administered)

12 thoughts on “Photo Vote Results

  1. I always find it surprising the images that get lots of views too. We all have different taste in ‘pictures’ so I guess we all have different taste in ‘photo images’. Although I have noticed I get more views when I post a photo with more colour saturation.

    I like the simplicity of the first shot.


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