Merry Christmas to you All

I will be taking a break from the blogosphere over the festive season so I just want to wish you all well over Christmas and may you be blessed with good fortune in 2014. So until 2014, it is so long from me, The Sage, The Apprentice and, of course, The Hound and Mini-Hound.

Happy Christmas from The Hound and Mini-Hound
Happy Christmas from The Hound and Mini-Hound

Thanks to all you guys I have now gained a following of over 500 and unless it all goes really pear shaped will also hit 20,000 views before Christmas. Thanks so much and see you in 2014 all refreshed. MM πŸ€

56 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to you All

    1. Christmas was grand and quiet….until we got the news of the passing of a loved family member. In some ways this just underlines the perpetual life changes – in day in which the Christian world celebrates a birth Pete decides to move on.

      May you and your family have a very happy 2014 Kathryn, MM


      1. Dear friend, I am so sorry for your loss. May you all be comforted in your grief and cherish your memories of Pete with great love and–eventually, at least–happiness in the life he shared with you.



  1. Both Hounds look absolutely gorgeous.:-)
    A very merry Christmas to you and your dear ones, Mick.
    Big hug (= klem in Norway πŸ™‚ ) coming your way with the best wishes for 2014.


  2. QUE LINDOOO!!! Me mata esa mirada, esos ojos!!! I love The Hound and mini Hound!!!!
    Mick, MerrIy Christmas to you and your family!!! Wish you have a great year and, once again thanks for your support since I started blogging in WordPress. Saludos desde este caluroso Buenos Aires! Silvia


      1. We are both great right now. Nasty colds are but a distant memory~
        My Mom and Dad will be here for our Annual buffet on Christmas Eve.
        Life is so good.
        God Bless you and yours~


  3. Hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas with family & friends, MM.

    Best wishes for 2014 too – hope it brings all your dreams to fruition, with good Health & Happiness within.


  4. Mick, have a wonderful christmas- see you again soon!!! A big christmas hug from me and Little Aliss! ( my darling dog! )


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