It seemed to take a long time for the leaves to turn from the bright emerald green to the burnt colours of Autumn. However, in the last week or so, the change has been marked with not only the leaves changing colour but also falling from the boughs that bear them. Even in the last few days when not a puff of wind could be felt, the leaves have slowly parachuted their way down to the floor one by one, as in the park below.


The onset of winter seems to be hastening the fall, as today the leaves were descending like snowflakes, despite the air remaining still. It was quite magical, and the paths have gone from greys and muddy browns to crunchy copper walkways. So go out, enjoy the scene, feel like a kid and kick your feet in the leafy flakes.

Each season has something for us all to enjoy.

18 thoughts on “Fallen

    1. Joshi, that is brilliant of you to say so and in part what I was trying to do was get the essence of autumn moving into winter and the darkening of the days….Great feedback and thanks for it. MM πŸ€


    1. It’s gratifying to know you got something out of it. For that alone the photo was worthwhile. Nice and crisp today so the camera has been out today. Also made me realise I need some fingerless gloves. πŸ˜ƒ


  1. Difficult at best to keep denying that Fall happens…and then there it is…at our feet!
    After last night’s wind and rain storm the last of the boughs that were dressed in gold finery but now no more, has put the Pacific Northwest headed full bore into Winter. Your photo a lovely reminder, MM, of yesterday…


    1. It wouldn’t have worked at any other angle (IMHO). Mind you doing it in the pork where I walk The Hound most days I was hoping that none would see me. Doesn’t help when I have to keep calling the Hound away as he has a tendency to stand in the middle of where I am looking. Thank you for your wonderful compliment. MM πŸ€


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